Garage Door Sizes

Garage Door Sizes

Garage Door Sizes. What are the differences?

Garage doors come in various sizes. There is no specific size of a garage door. The doors may be differently made according to the structure of the garage and also considering other factors. You have to know the different dimensions which may be suitable for your garage at home or at office. The kind of lifestyle also plays an important role in determining the garage door size. Garage door sizes are different for residential garage doors, single garage doors, double garage doors, commercial garage doors, etc.

We chalk out the different sizes of the most popular garage doors:

• Single Garage Doors: The standard sizes of single garage doors vary from 10*7 feet, 9*7 feet and 8*7 feet all around. These work well for garages where you would be parking your van or Small Utility Vehicle(SUV) or a hatchback or a small van even. If you have more than one car, you need to consider other garage door sizes. Even if you are someone who uses your garage as a storehouse and keep other stuff apart from your car, then a single garage door would not be the perfect choice. If you are building a new house be sure that the door size is perfect for your future needs.

• Double Garage Doors: The standard measurements of this type of garage doors read at 16*7 feet, 14*7 feet and 12*7 feet. These are built to accommodate multiple vehicles or to store larger things.

• Commercial Garage Doors: These doors have a width of 32 feet * 2 inches while the height stays at 24 feet * 1 inch. The exact garage door size would depend on the kind of trucks you own and which you wish to keep in your garages. Keep some extra space inside so that there is enough space for the vehicles to move around.