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Our Clackamas garage door springs repair technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. Also we are available 24/7 for all of your garage door needs. Broken garage door springs are extremely dangerous, as they can cause your door to become lopsided, off track, or completely fall off, which can cause serious injury or death. It is highly recommended to replace your garage door springs every 5-6 years to avoid having this happen to you.

Clackamas Garage Door Springs Repair

Garage door springs require as much tension as your garage door weighs in order for it to operate, in other words, if a garage door weighs 150 pounds, the tension in the garage door spring has to also be 150 pounds. Because of this, garage door springs become worn, rusted, and damaged, and eventually will fail and break.

Faulty garage door springs

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed because of faulty garage door springs!
Without proper care and routine maintenance, your garage door springs will come to a point where they can no longer stand the weight of your door and will cause an even bigger headache for you. Our Clackamas Garage Door Springs Repair technicians can repair and replace torsion and extension springs on the spot! All of our work is backed by a 90 day warranty, and we always provide same day service, fast response times, and the lowest prices for your Clackamas garage door spring needs.

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Call us today to schedule an appointment, take advantage of our same day services, or learn more about our products and services. Clackamas Garage Door Springs Repair Service strive to provide the best customer service in Clackamas, and it shows! The safety and security of you and your home is our number 1 priority. When you need garage door services in Clackamas, you need D&L garage door repair!

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