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How To Tune Up A Garage Door

How To Tune Up A Garage Door?

Tuning up a garage door is important to keep it operational and to ensure that it operates quietly and smoothly. Here is how to tune up a garage door on your own:

  • First step The first step that needs to be performed here is to power down the door so that it remains stationary in your desired position and does not move or fall down causing an accident.
  • The next thing to be done is to inspect whether there are any issues with the door, such as -whether the rollers are functioning properly, whether the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door is in proper state and other observable issues.
  • Second step Now, lubricate the rollers, chains and springs. These metal parts need regular lubrication and will not last long if not properly dealt with.
  • Third step Now, check whether there is any hardware part that needs to be replaced. Take proper measurement of these parts and get them replaced.
  • Fourth step The next step is to ensure that the bars are properly aligned. If not, then it is the time to align them properly using a hammer and tighten the screws.
  • Fifth step The movable parts of the door can get loosened with time. So, your next task is to inspect whether they need to be tightened and go for the same if required.
  • Sixth step After this, check the orientation of the tracks of the garage door. If they are vertically oriented, then it is fine. Otherwise you should appoint someone to fix the issue instead of trying it out yourself.
  • Seventh step The final thing that is to be done is to check whether the springs and cables are perfectly balanced. So, the basic idea is to inspect the different parts and then replace and mend them as required. Also, appoint a professional if the need be so.